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  Kotputli : Today News Chakra

Download YouTube Studio, YouTube channel will start running

  • Friend's Before talking about YouTube Studio, let us tell you that it is also called yt studio. How useful it is for YouTube channel and how it is used, that is the information in this article. Read in detail the special information related to YouTube Studio…

Download YouTube Studio, YouTube channel will start running

Friend's There are many people in the world who keep running after luck all their lives and luck keeps running ahead of them. But in the rush with luck, there are some people who leave luck behind. And with their stubbornness, their hard work they achieve their destination. Yogendra Saini from Alwar is also one of them, who is representing India at the Google Summit today. Today the whole world knows Yogendra Saini by the name of Technical Yogi.

A person whose father's shadow has risen from his head in his childhood and spent his childhood washing cup plates on a tea tray... how he would have achieved this position today by distributing newspapers... surely like growing mustard in the palm of his hand. So it must not have been there... By making a channel on YouTube in the year 2016, Yogendra Saini is at such a stage today that he is being talked about in the country and abroad.

Download YouTube Studio, YouTube channel will start running

Now... this thing must be hitting many people's mind again and again that how these people reach such a high position so quickly and earn so much money. If we talk about hard work, then other YouTubers are also working hard, but then what is there in them that their videos grow quickly. So today we are going to tell you the 'KEY' of success. Today we are going to tell you about YouTube Studio which helps in boosting your video marketing.

With YouTube Studio, you can manage your entire channel and customize it according to your audience. And surely when you learn to use YouTube Studio properly, your video will also start going viral. So let's tell you how to use YouTube Studio on your mobile.

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For your information, let us tell you that you can check the live status of your channel using YouTube Studio. Like views, subscribers, impressions, meta data of videos and full earnings of your channel can be seen in YouTube Studio application on your channel. This in a way guides you that how hard you should work on your channel. By using the features given in it, you can grow your channel and give a boost to your channel.

You have two ways to access youtube studio either login to your channel in chrome browser or download youtube studio application.

If you do not have a laptop and computer, then the best of these two methods can be the application of YouTube Studio because in the studio application you get to see everything in a better way and it is also very easy to use.

Download YouTube Studio, YouTube channel will start running

There is only one way to download YouTube Studio in both laptop or computer. For this, first of all, you have to open the Chrome browser and then search for YouTube Studio App Download. After searching so much, to download YouTube Studio, Google's website will appear in front of you and you have to click on it. On clicking you will be redirected to Google Play Store or App Store. From where you can download youtube studio app. And if you are a mobile user then you can download YouTube Studio directly from Google Play Store.

Let us tell you that YouTube Studio is such an application, from which we can know how many times our video has been viewed. How many likes have come on our video. How many comments have come and all the analytics are there... We can see all that on YouTube on this YouTube Studio application.

You can edit your videos on YouTube Studio. You can edit and upload them. Also, you can schedule to publish ie post at a certain time.

You can create a new playlist on YouTube Studio. You can design them and make very convenient and attractive playlist for the audience. Due to which your YouTube channel can get good ranking.

You can filter incoming comments through YouTube Studio. You can take them to the moderation panel before they're posted, or even remove them completely.

You can add subtitles in other languages to improve the marketing of your videos through YouTube Studio as well as to reach viewers in other countries where you want your video to be shown.

Apart from this, if you have just created a channel and you have only a few videos. If you do not want to show your video to the audience now, then you can also hide it through YouTube Studio. For this, you have to go to the setting panel of the studio on YouTube and then click on the channel there, then click on the advanced setting. Here you can also delete and hide your channel.

Download YouTube Studio : go on and one more thing

If you want to grow your channel fast, then instead of uploading your video from mobile, upload it from laptop or desktop and take full advantage of the features of YouTube Studio.

So in the end it will be said that through YouTube Studio you can design your channel in a good way. You can manage and then taking advantage of its many features, you can grow the channel.


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